Social media optimization

Social media platforms cultivate long term customer relationships. If your brand does not have a social presence, you are missing out something huge. There is simply no excuse to be absent from social media platforms these days. Clap Creative helps build the right social relationships with your customers.

74% of consumers make purchase decision based on social media influences

Just imagine finding a billion potential customers online with a few million in your nearby areas. Wouldn’t it be amazing to present your products and services to this huge gathering? Our concerted social media efforts have the potential to make the most out of this behemoth.


Our SMO Services Include:

  • Set up & manage various social accounts
  • Create the right buzz around your brand
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Increase the number of follower and social votes

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest online gathering where you will find consumers from all across the globe. We create the right Facebook marketing pages that sell. We not only focus on sales but connect directly with consumers for their crucial feedback.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is quickly beginning to shake Facebook out of its ruling status. With just 140 characters, you can create an astounding buzz around your brand that brings hordes of customers flocking to your website.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the best when it comes to professional social space. People are more likely to create professional profiles and engage professionally on LinkedIn than any other brand. This is a must have in your social media arsenal.

Then there’s Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and more. The idea is to have a presence at every network and make the most out of this online social revolution.

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